We offer an array of fleet management services that we custom-design to precisely meet your needs. You choose the options that will maximize the benefits of fleet management for your situation.

Benefits of Fleet Management

Fleet management experts take a personal interest in your success. Providing prompt, cost-conscious service for fleets is all that we and our partners do.

We provide negotiated discounts on many services. We supervise services to ensure quality and competitive pricing. We help you avoid unnecessary costs by facilitating preventive maintenance. We help you preserve the value of your vehicles and optimize use of your resources.
Fleet management services make your drivers more productive. We provide assistance with vehicle services and maintenance. And with our National Service Card and Fuel Card programs drivers do not have to file expense reports and wait for reimbursement.
Fleet management reduces your administrative burden. From overseeing services to providing a single, consolidated monthly billing for those services, we reduce the time it takes to manage a fleet of vehicles.
Within our fleet management service reports you will receive comprehensive data on your vehicle use, costs and performance. You will be able to identify problem areas quickly and address them effectively.
You can make the right decisions at the right time.

Fleet Management Services


Universal Fuel Credit Card Program (Fuel Card)

Our Fuel Card program delivers cost savings, control and convenience throughout the U.S. Your drivers have the convenience of using the card to purchase fuel at over 90% of the nation’s retail fuel locations. You get detailed reporting on every driver and vehicle to help you manage fuel usage most effectively.


Vehicle Maintenance Management

Designed to maximize savings in your fleet operations. Our comprehensive Vehicle Maintenance Management program removes the stress and reduces the cost of maintenance for your drivers and your company. Our program puts the expertise of ASE-certified mechanics at the disposal of your drivers 24/7 and provides drivers with a National Account Service Card honored at more than 40 of the best-known national automotive service retailers.


National Account Service Card

Our National Account Service Card provides a convenient way for your drivers and you to control costs and save time. Honored by more than 40 of the best-known automotive service retailers, the program offers you the convenience of a single bill each for all service and maintenance through our network.


Data Management and Reporting

We will provide you with all the information you need to manage your fleet more effectively. We review them and make timely recommendations for action to improve the performance of your fleet.


Remarketing Programs

Selling your used vehicles for the highest possible price is critical to ensuring the lowest cost of operation. Our programs leverage a variety of methods to ensure success and an easy process is achieved.